Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skin 79 Super + Beblesh Balm

*I am not getting paid to write this review or test this product*
Product: Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm Price: $20~ 30 CAD
[Bought Mine From Facebook User: Carol Lee for
around $25 CAN or less]
You can also purchase it at for $22 US plus $9.99 shipping to US or $16.99 shipping to Canada
Pacific Mall in Markham, ON also sell it for $30
Rating: ☺☺☺☺

Steps That I Used To Achieve The Results:
1. Cleanse Face Thoroughly
2. Apply Toner and Moisturizer (Wait a a minute or two)
3. Apply one pump of BB Cream to face with hand by blending in it with circular motions
4. Apply a pressed powder foundation to improve blending to skin

Time Spent: < style="font-weight: bold;">Information About The Product:
- Whitening effects
- UV protection (SPF 25)
- Wrinkle improvement
- Made in South Korea
>First off what is BB Cream? BB cream is a substitute for foundations. It is suppose to give you coverage and also do wonders for your skins such as whitening, UV protection, etc.

This is the Hot Pink Label for Oily to Combination Skin, however there is also a Gold Label for Dry to Combination Skin.

I absolutely love this product. Yes, I admit I have been sucked into the BB cream sensation.

I always had problems with my foundations for that I have tried many foundations and I find that some of them were either too cakey, or they didn't have the right shade, or they had an orange tinge to them.

I found my solution with BB cream. I find that this Skin 79 Super + Beblesh Balm did what I wanted it to. It made my face look brighter, it gave me medium coverage, and I didn't have to fuse over my foundation with a foundation brush. I can just apply this BB cream with my fingers simply by blending it in with circular motions.

It comes in one tint for that it will naturally blend and match with your skin colour.

I have problems when I first wake up, I look very pale and very dead really. BB cream helps make me look more energized and it minimizes the look of my sadly large pores, and it evens out my skin tone.

I was kind of weary about it since when I first pumped it, it had a grey tinge to it and it was quite thick. However my worries were gone when I applied it. It blended well with my skin and did what it was suppose it. It has a rosy smell to it so the smell isn't unpleasant. It doesn't feel or look cakey on my face either. It also controls the oil that tends to release throughout the day. All I have to do is apply a pressed powder on afterwards to blend it even more.

I personally have not had any problems with this clogging my pore or anything. One pump of this can cover my whole face. If I don't have time I can just apply this easily and just leave the house without any other makeup.

Overall I love this product and I use it everyday as part of my morning routine. It does it's job. I give it a 5 out of 5 happy faces and I would definitely buy another bottle of this.

Overall Summary:
- 40 g bottle made from South Korea
- BB Cream that provides whitening, UV protection, and reduce wrinkles
- medium coverage
- one tint (blends with skin colour)
- part of my morning routine
- if in a rush can just apply this and leave the house without other makeup
- would definitely continue on using and buy another bottle from
Carol Lee

Skin 79 Super + Beblesh Balm HOT PINK
($25 CAN from
Carol Lee)

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