Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nailene Nail Studio

*I am not getting paid to write this review or test this product*

Product: Nailene Nail Studio Chip Proof Medium Length
Price: $4.97 CAN @ Walmart
Rating: ☺☺☺☺☻

Steps That I Used To Achieve the Results:
1. Remove all past nail polish
2. Cut and buff nails
3. Apply Nailene Profession Pink Glue To Artificial Nail
4. Apply and Press Artificial Nail for 5 seconds

Time Spent: 15~ 20 minutes

The kit comes with 24 nails and a buffer/ nail filer. The glue is not included and you need to purchase it separately.

I am actually quite impressed with these artificial nails. I was kind of weary about purchasing these because of past experience with artificial nails that were not pleasant at all. I needed to get my nails done for my part time job as a model and I didn't want to spend a lot of money to get them professionally done.

They look very natural on and they are really easy to apply. My make- up artist actually thought I got them professionally done.

I find that in some other brands the nails are cut awkwardly and the edges of the nail aren't straight however, I didn't find this problem with these ones.

These nails have a non chip formula where the white tip will not chip, I haven't worn them enough to respond to that however I will respond to it after a week.

The only thing I would have to say is probably when you are applying the nail make sure your press the nail on evenly so later when it dries you are not able to see the glue marks. Other than that you can barely see the marks unless you look really carefully.

Another thing is beware if you have really small fingers because the size of the nails might be too big. I actually had to file one of the nails so then I could fit it on my index finger. *Remember to place all the nails that you are going to apply beforehand and see if the nails fit on your own.

It might be hard to manoeuvrer in them for the first few days especially when you don't usually wear artificial nails often because the length is actually quite long but you get used to it.

I give it 4 out 5 because I will definitely go back and by another set when this set falls off. Maybe this time however I will by the short length because the medium length is actually quite long. For this price and quality I will definitely go and by another pair.

Summary: -
The kit comes with 24 nails and a buffer/ nail filer
- The glue is not included and you need to purchase it separately at around $2 CAN
- Natural on and very easy to apply
- 4 out of 5 and definitely would go back to by it only in a shorter length

After One Week Trial:
I am really satisfied with the nails. There was a time when a nail fell off while I was at work however, I did glue it back on and it stayed. =) After a week I removed them because the medium length was a little bothersome for me so I switched to the short length and I am very satisfied with them. The short length is much more easier to manoeuvrer in.
(March 24/ 2010)

SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: Push back your cuticles before you apply the nails =)

Nailene: Professional Pink Glue
$1.97 CAN @ Walmart


  1. hey i Tried false nail today me too,It is a "coïncidence"(it is a french word I don't know how to say that) i buy it in a shop, it's false nail with a beautiful nail art and I was suprised by the fact that they look natural. My friends thinks that is is my natural nail!!
    But I was not good with, I don't know when you took something I felt not good, it's difficult to manoeuver so I removed them. :( I will tested an another day maybe. I am waiting about your sensation.